Cherry Tomatoes

Cherry tomatoes are round, the size of a large cherry and full of water. Their skin is thin and their flesh is plump, so bitting into one of them is a great explosion of flavor. They come in handy in salads and bruschettas, making them juicy and adding a touch of sweetness. But you can also used them in salads or for a satisfying snack with ranch dressing.

Grape Tomatoes

Grape tomatoes are roughly the size if a large grape and a slightly thicker skin than cherry tomatoes and not as sweet. According to The Kitchn, they “last longer than cherry tomatoes, they’re becoming more and more popular since they are hardier and less fragile to pack and transport.”

Regardless of their durability, these tomatoes are delicious and we love them as snacks, in appetizers and salads.






Shish Kebabs

Are cherry and grape tomatoes interchangeable?

Our answer is, fresh tomatoes are always great! But if you prefer your tomatoes sweeter and softer grab some cherry tomatoes, if you need them to be sturdier and with a good crunch, have grape tomatoes handy. 

Both can be used interchangeably, for quick sauces, roasting, salads and kebabs, so there’s no wrong answer when it comes to picking one over the other.