Shapely, colorful and delicious

These seasonal delights, come in an array of colors, from greens to deep purples and shapes sometimes are ridged but also round. As the name indicates, their seeds very much like a beloved antique passed from generation to generation to deliver, juiciest and flavorful tomatoes. Their delicate skin renders them with a very short shelf life, but frankly we love them in salads, tomato pies and sandwiches that we have no problem using them as soon as they’re ripe and ready to eat.

Tomato Galette

A tomato pie is a traditional Southern dish that according to Southern Living dates to the 1970s, during heirloom tomato season it’s a great way to use up your tomatoes.

Sometimes, however, we don’t have the time make our own crust so we’re choosing a galette with store-bought crust! It delivers all the same flavor but it’s a snap to put together and make it part of a Sunday meal.

What’s a galette? Well, it’s the French name for a freeform pie. Don’t let the fancy name stop you from trying this, it sounds complicated but it isn’t if you use our shortcut. Easy as, well, pie!