Fresh herbs for flavor or garnish

Herbs are a good way to punch up the flavor without adding fat or too much salt. Your kitchen will emanate a scent that will open appetites and make people looking forward to dinner.

We, of course, are partial to fresh herbs, because they impart a more nuance flavor, but don’t be afraid to dry your herbs to make them last longer.

Also, remember that you can use fresh herbs as garnish, livening up a stew with chopped fresh parsley or fried sage with pumpkin ravioli.


How to use them:

Harvest leaves or flowers as needed

Tie into bunches. Hang upside down in a warm, dry area.

Use an airtight seal bag, it’s quick and simple.

Blend with oil to create a paste and freeze.

Chop herbs and add to ice cube tray with water and freeze.

Scrumptious emerald-green sauce

This easy five-ingredient recipe is great as sauce or condiment if you add it to toast or drizzle over tomatoes and mozzarella for a take on Caprese salad.

You’ll need 1 cup of basil, 3 garlic cloves, 3 tablespoons of pine nuts, 1/3 grated Parmesan, salt, pepper and 1/3 cup of olive oil. Using a food processor, combine all the ingredients, except the olive oil, when blended, add the olive oil in a slow stream until fully combined.

Chungah Rhee of Damn Delicious recommends using a food processor as opposed to a blender for a better texture.