Kicking things up a notch

Mild peppers are a good way to add a layer of flavor without overdoing the heat. Poblano peppers, like the one pictured above is perfect for stuffing with cheese or meat. Jalapeño peppers can be pickled, eaten raw if you feel adventurous or cooked added into salsas or stuffed for a delectable Jalapeño popper.

All peppers are grown in a very similar way. They all need sun, heat and soil that allows for good drainage. Mild peppers need all the same things.







Jalapeño Poppers

No need to wait for a Super Bowl party to have these babies, don’t worry they’re not that spicy but you have to be careful with he seeds to make them milder. We’re partial to wrapping them in bacon to give them extra rich but you can swap the bacon for turkey bacon.

Preheat the ove at 300°. Half the jalapeño peppers and remove the membrane and seeds with a knife, if you want them a little spicy leave some seeds. Fill the peppers with cream cheese, add garlic or chives or spices if you want a little flavor but plain cream cheese is great also. Wrap them in bacon and place them on a baking sheet. Bake for about 20 minutes until crips and tender. Serve immediately.