Adding a touch of fresh to drinks and food

A mint julep is a cocktail that simply couldn’t be as perfectly rounded without mint, it adds that freshness. But don’t think that mint is just a garnish that makes the drink look festive, it’s an essential part of the cocktail when you muddle some mint and simple syrup to extract the essential oils of the spearmint.

Mint can also be used in teas, hot or iced, for a very delicate, relaxing flavor.

How to use them:

Harvest leaves or flowers as needed

Tie into bunches. Hang upside down in a warm, dry area.

Use an airtight seal bag, it’s quick and simple.

Blend with oil to create a paste and freeze.

Chop herbs and add to ice cube tray with water and freeze.

refreshingly good dip

Tzatziki is a sauce, a dip or a condiment. Yes, this Greek dish is so versatile that can be all of those things at once. The mint and fennel in equal parts infuse it with extra freshness that’s so satisfying and cooling.

Use it to dip pita bread for a delicious, Mediterranean-inspired appetizer, as a sauce that will pair well with meats or as part of a delicious sandwich.

You can’t go wrong any way you use it.